I’m a wreck, I know

Photography by Romiau

Tough post today, team… So much music I want to write about, it’s hard to figure out who to really focus on! Fighting with Stars & New Pornographers is today’s highlight, The Bowerbirds. Dark, raw, acoustic and seemingly from another era coming off like a trio of southern Gypsies, the slow winding Bowerbirds with aching vocals and vivid lyrics captured a dark rainy day we had…

Plus, I’m a sucker for well-executed accordian. Not too mention, an upright bass & a banjo!


The Bowerbirds – Olive Hearts

With my toes
dangling in to the sea
into a fog
into a lonely dream
don’t lift me up
I’m a wreck
I know
still I’ve got miles to walk
from the cable on the coast
and we’ll play helicoptor
in the sand

More love for The Bowerbirds…

The Bowerbirds – Hooves
The Bowerbirds – In Our Talons
The Bowerbirds – Slow Down

Go show your love for these North Carolinians here, here, and here now!

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