Happy Belated Canada Day!

Wonderful Summertime Photography by Callaveron

Happy belated Canada Day, my friends…. It was such a busy weekend that we completely forgot to celebrate. Fortunately, the 4th of July is a lovely reminder, eh?


Well, we got a busy day today… First up, relaxation and a bit of debauchery (is there a better way to start a day off?), then we got a little BBQ we are heading out to, but we shan’t stay too long, cuz we got tickets to see Wicked tonight! Woop. Should be good times…
So, given the kind of variation we got goin’s on, how about some variations and loose ends for you guys? Here’s a few selections of some various Canadian tracks I’ve recently grabbed from here and there on the internets and have been enjoying.
I hope you do too…

Feist – L’Amour Ne Dure Pas Toujours
Stars – The Night Starts Here
New Pornographers – Failsafe (Live)

Have a great day! Remember to be safe with firecrackers, I don’t want you losing any fingers (they come in handy, you know)…

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