But I can not forget May

Photography by Seige

I hope you love male/female chorus-style harmonies, I mean really LOVE them, because if you don’t, you may want to skip today’s obsession. When talking about Bodies Of Water, I’ve heard mention of the Mamas & Papas, and though I think that is a good enough reference to give your ears fair warning, this release goes much further than California Dreamin’ ever dared.

Intricate, a bit dark, and a bit unweilding, this may be one of those love them or hate them type of bands. Tracks like “These Are The Eyes” smack you upside the face. Lush & melodic, the songs flow seemlessly from with the intensity & urgency of punk, but there are no lazy power chords here, instead you have 2 guys and 2 ladies singing (often at once & at the top of their lungs) in a perfectly-balanced harmony while the music dips from folk to pop to psych to tribal (yup!) to theatre to… well, you get the idea.

Sounds like a mess, right? Surprisingly, it’s not, it fucking works! I have no idea how, but it does. If you aren’t smiling within the first minute of the album, turn it off because you probably won’t like the rest. For those sick bastards who find themselves marching forward, the pay-off is a disgusting grin that will most likely annoy the hell out of your friends, neighbors, and co-workers.


Bodies of Water – These Are the Eyes

to forgave
but I
can not forget
to forgave
but still
I can not forget..

Bodies of Water – Our Friends Appear Like the Dawn
Bodies of Water – Doves Circled the Sky
Bodies of Water – Here Comes My Hand
Bodies of Water – We Are Co-Existors

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