As with you, I love to live

Photography by Lights & Shadows

I love a waltz.

Bum-Ba-Ba, Bum-Ba-Ba.

So when “Carbon Dating” on Hey Venus, Super Furry Animals’ latest offering started with that sweet Bum-Ba-Ba-Ba (wait, is that still a waltz?) loaded up, I smiled. Then 42 seconds in, it starts up this weird & beautifully hypnotic hybrid of 50’s piano and a 70’s foreign flick. You know, the ones that had tons of T&A, with the occasion full bush (well, they are the Super Furry Animals)? Oh, how much of my sexual development of my youth was influenced by those movies? I think I need to go watch the Sensuous Nurse again…


Anyways… what a sweet treat the new Super Furry Animals release is, many elements plucked from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, mixed up with some sweet melodies & groovy beats, combined with a lead singer who sounds like the younger brother of Jarvis Cocker from Pulp.

Yeah, you know you want it. Come take a trip with me and enjoy.

Super Furry Animals – Carbon Dating

As with you
I love to live

oh please

no more passing ships

More love for da fuzz…

Super Furry Animals – Let The Wolves Howl At The Moon
Super Furry Animals – Run-Away
Super Furry Animals – The Gift That Keeps Giving

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