And I have meant to know you

Photography by Randomess

Dark, minimal folk arrangements marked with the occasional banjo, slide & electric guitar, what I believe is a pump organ, and a looping male chorus combined with a lead voice that kinda reminds me of Andrew Bird and guitar plucking reminiscient of early Leonard Cohen, ben and bruno’s 100 Grim Reapers lo-fi “shut-in” folk is stunning, haunting & beautiful, but not for everyone. Add the following description from their site to the above, and suddenly it all starts coming together…

“ben and bruno is a group of songs based one character named Ben. After losing his mother at a very young age, Ben is abducted by a religious fanatic who has been living in the apartment above the family. Ben, during his trip while fleeing from the police, falls in love with the woman who has abducted him. The story continues after the capture of his new love and he grows older….marrying, having two daughters, divorcing his wife.”

You can see why I was drawn to them. This is a wonderful example of an album, it’s not just a grouping of songs. Instead of a sampling of songs, I’m posting the first six (of 16 tracks). Grab them, set your player to gapless playback and listen in the order that the band intended. Then, go buy this gem and start all over again.


Ben and Bruno – Life Will Recover
Ben and Bruno – New Friend Song
Ben and Bruno – Take Hold Upon
Ben and Bruno – Out From Where
Ben and Bruno – 100 Grim Reapers
Ben and Bruno – Given the Attributes

Oh I have meant
for you would I
say and I do
to do what I
life will recover
likeminded men
and I have meant to know you
to take the time to prove to you…

Go show ben and bruno some love here, here, and here now.

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