When I grow up I wanna be

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This is a fun album, my friends… Grabbed BOAT’s new album, Let’s Drag Our Feet because I think I read something about them somewhere (why not, right?) and I’m glad I did. I think H. Fozzelberry put it best when he said that “it is an album of homemade anthems”, an oddly apt phrase. It kinda reminds me of Islands in a way, and that’s a good thing, but these guys are definitely doing their own thing. Each song is it’s own beast, a few dipping into short asides (like today’s featured track) guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

God… why would anyone ever want to “grow up”?


BOAT – Illustrate the History – when i grow up

When I grow
I wanna be
an ol’ fashion music man
When I grow
I wanna tour
Europe & Japan
When I grow
I wanna be
in a successful band…

BOAT – The Whistle Test
BOAT – The Ferocious Sounds of Lobsters and Snakes – mom, dad, me, and you
BOAT – Make Way for the Genius to Appear
BOAT – A Phone That Rings for Free

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