She don’t love me no more

Photography by Siege

Wow, today’s song really caught me by surprise. I can’t remember the last time I heard such a sad, yet beautiful song. The Aliens “She Don’t Love Me” is a simple slow melody wrapped in melancholy lyrics of heartbreak, perfect harmonies, and a lovely solo violin, until the song fades out, only to be replaced by an extended instrumental consisting of a piano playing the melody while a group of violins give you the feeling of loneliness and loss.

In other words, a real tearjerker, my friends…

To add insult to the injury, imagine looking at Siege’s amazing Polaroids I’ve included to accentuate the song. Imagine it was you, and you lost her, and now you are looking at the photos you took together, laughing, when it was good. Remembering that day, a day that you’ll never be able to repeat now.

Oh man.

The glimmer of hope and optimism is the lyric I scribbled below. It’s enough to make this sap extraordinarily grateful for what he has…

Grab some kleenex and enjoy.

The Aliens – She Don’t Love Me

If I ever find a girl that really loves me
well I’d hold on to that girl all my life
just one day at a time….

More love for The Aliens… Listen to “The Happy Song” and tell me that doesn’t sound like Paul McCartney tripping balls and recording this song after a weekend long Ren & Stimpy marathon & a pound of fine Columbian cocaine!


The Aliens – I Am The Unknown
The Aliens – Rox
The Aliens – Tomorrow
The Aliens – The Happy Song

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