Baby’s gotta praise

Photography by Michel

To be honest, the lead-off track turned me off this album initially, putting it back in the listening queue while other more seemingly obvious albums took charge… But, since I’ve grabbed another 5 or 6 albums in the past few days, it was either listen now or dump it back to the hard drive (essentially a purgatory for never-listened albums).

Today, maybe it’s the rain, maybe it’s the chronic overcast, but I didn’t reject “Devil’s A-Go-Go”. In fact, I embraced it, holding tight until track two began, the title track “Wild Mountain Nation”, besides the vocals, I had to double check my player… Did I put it on shuffle or something? Did I grab a mixtape instead Blitzen Trapper’s album? No, no, all’s right in the world. At least until the next song started and the process repeated itself.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this album is diverse, it plays like a mixtape of some vocalist who played with 13 different bands. Normally, that’s not my cup o’ tea, but with Blitzen Trapper it works and I really don’t know why. Maybe it’s simply because, instead of sounding like a fledgling band on the first album trying get it all in, it’s done with a confidence and with competence and intention. Plus, the DIY feel really ties it all in together.



Blitzen Trapper – Country Caravan

Baby’s gotta praise
like a willow in the wind
Baby’s gotta praise

like a lover
like a friend..

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