And you will be my monkey girl

Photography “My Love” by Butow

Dark & haunting, I listen to the late-night folk of Begushkin’s Nightly Things and I feel like I just stumbled into some back-alley bar. I’ll sit down and wonder what drink won’t make me seem more like an outsider while shadows distract me as they dance on the walls from all the candles, the seemingly only source of light. As Smith plays, you get the feeling he was raised by Gypsies, nomadic and of a different world, with the sparse instrumentation, occasionally accentuated with violins and accordians. Does it matter, when what you came across is so simple and beautiful, and maybe just a little bit creepy?


Begushkin – At Night With Me

And you will be my monkey girl
I will be the dude
You and your monkey cars
and me
and my ox-blood shoes

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