Something keeps us alive

Photography by Ryan McGinley

Just as there is something vintage and timeless about Ryan McGinley’s photographs, the same can be said about the Dreadful Yawns album Rest.

The mix of “indie pop” and a bit of old school country & western, the result is a sunny lazy end-of-summer feel. Try not to sing along to “You’ve Been Recorded”, or better yet, try not to sway and smile to the build-up and finale to “Candles”.

Not bad for some guys sittin’ up in Cleveland.


The Dreadful Yawns – Candles

More love for The Dreadful Yawns…

The Dreadful Yawns – You’ve Been Recorded
The Dreadful Yawns – When I Lost My Voice
The Dreadful Yawns – End Of Summer

Go show these Clevelanders (?? Clevelandites??) some love here, here, and here now.

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