Presents… The Accidental Pornographer

All photography by Autumn Sonnichsen

In my continuous search for wonderful art to sensually accentuate my audio obsessions, the other day I came across Autumn Sonnichsen, the “Accidental Pornographer“. With my musical obsessions often taking precedence on this little art/audioblog, I felt we were overdue for a TSURURADIO photographic moment…

Often, with many photographers, if you’ve seen a sampling of their work, you’ve seen it all. Not so with Autumn. Venturing through her site, you never know what to expect with each post. It may be something fully clothed and darkly lit, creating a sense of anticipation & craving. Suddenly in the next post, you see a tattooed porn starlet on a bed, being photographed working. We soon find ourselves dropped underwater, skinny dipping, holding our breaths…

What photographic presentation would be complete without some music? The soundtrack for this collection is brought to you by the Arcade Fire’s new b-side for Keep The Car Running, called “Broken Window”. Listen to the tension of the song, the build-up, never reaching it’s climax, drawing you further in. Rather appropriate wouldn’t you say?

Arcade Fire – Broken Window

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you sitting there, blue-balled. There are two other beautiful Neon Bible tracks peppered below to help you “resolve that tension”, go find them.

More importantly though, go through and get lost in this sampling of Autumn’s work we present to you, and most crucial of all…


Arcade Fire – Ocean Of Noise

Arcade Fire- My Body Is A Cage

Go show Autumn some love here & here now. No matter what you’ll find, each photo is sure to draw you into her world and how she sees it. Thanks Autumn!!!

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