Presents… a Weezer mixtape!

Photography by Ihor

Happy May Day, my dear readers…

As the warm winds finally kicked in, May can only mean one thing to me, Weezer. As I drove on the highway, fishing for something different to listen to, literally this little mixtape fell out of my CD folder. I think I made it in ’05, maybe early ’06, not too sure. Well, I gave it a spin and much to my enjoyment (and surprise, it’s been a while since I’ve nodded my head aggressively to these guys), found myself cruising along well above the speed limit, volume turned up too loud, and singing along until I was hoarse.

Now, purists (and rabid Weezer fans), this ain’t no “best of” because I excluded some of the better songs for sake of a better flow, and this ain’t no “greatest hits”, because I didn’t want a chronological CD of all their singles (zzz…), this is simply a mixtape that 1) focused on flow, 2) tried to include a few of my favorite tracks from each release, and 3) tossed in a few b-sides & unreleased tracks to mix it up. It’s meant for the casual Weezer fan who likes the singles, but never really explored much deeper, somthing one can pop in and just push play.

At 22 songs, clockin’ in at almost 78 minutes, at an average speed of 80 mph, you’ve got a good 104 miles covered!

So, without further ado…

TSURURADIO Presents… a Weezer Mixtape!
(zip file)

01 Photograph
02 Perfect Situation
03 Undone
04 Waiting On You
05 Say It Ain’t So
06 The Good Life
07 Dope Nose
08 Holiday
09 The Other Way
10 December
11 Island In The Sun
12 Falling For You
13 Living Without You
14 Hash Pipe
15 Devotion
16 Across The Sea
17 Mad Kow
18 I Do
19 El Scorcho
20 Slob
21 Buddy Holly
22 Haunt You Everyday

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