Oh the beauty of things you never consider

Photography by Evgeny Janush

Dripping with soul, melancholy, and reverb, blessed with some muted jazz guitars and the occasional saxophone, finished off with touching vocals that drive right into your ear and hint of debauchery in the lyrics, this is Chet’s “Fight Against Darkness”.

A lovely album that sounds as if it may have been recorded live in some abandoned warehouse somewhere in British Columbia (oh Canada, can you do no wrong musically in my soul???). Yeah, it’s a bit messy, completely unpolished, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

So, whatcha waitin’ for, enjoy…

Chet – The Shepherd

Oh the beauty of things
you never consider
walking at night
with a can of beer

A dark stormy night
the lack of light
any sipping
or drip that runs down my cheek

More love for Chet… Especially for “Ship Sink In The Fall”, this 11 minute masterpiece will knock you down, my friends.

Chet – Ships Sink In The Fall
Chet – Because My Name Is Lion
Chet – The Explanation

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