Now I am a river

Photography “Flesh For Fantasy” by Tether Red To (Rose & Olive’s Flickr photo)

Ah, The Comas have fuzzed their way into my ears this week. I’ve heard “Red Microphone” and thought well of it, but wasn’t driven to go much further (damn you Handsome Furs!!). After a week of this sitting in my player, I decided to finally test drive ‘er.

I’m glad I did.

I was not familiar with this band so I had no idea what to expect. Cursory clips on myspace led me to hold off, thinking it was more hard rock than my ears were clamoring for, but happily, I was wrong.

It’s pop alright, but with a 60’s psychedelic garage sound injected through out. Each song is diverse and unique from the previous one but they are all punctuated with fuzz and harmonies allowing them to flow seamlessly from song to song. And don’t get me started on that delicious bass.


The Comas – Now I’m A Spider

Now I am a spider
Now I am a river
Now I am a winter
Now I am a sprinter..

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The Comas – Red Microphones
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Go show them lots of lovins here, here, and here now… Ah, and go stream their album here!

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