No one wants you once you’ve gone

Photography “Narcissism Exposed” by Black Frances

This is definitely one of the easiest post/obsessions I get to make. Woodpigeon, being billed as Alberta, Canada’s answer to Sufjan Stevens, and yeah, I see the similarities. Lush orchestrations, complex melodies, and a rather diverse use of voices & instrumentations make the similarities valid… but I, for one, never really got into Sufjan. Sure “Majesty Snowbird” is beautiful, and there was another one that was stuck in my head for a day or say, some christian one, but that’s it.

There is something about Woodpigeon that dug in deeper, connected stronger… maybe I’m just missing the Sufjan gene, but I think this is better!


Yeah, I know, but I’ve never been one to really care. So here’s some more amazing Canuck musicianship.


Woodpigeon – Home as a Romanticized Concept Where Everyone Loves You Always and Forever

I gotta reason to know there is more than you
an untold season spent elsewhere, somewhere true
I go to the parties where everybody is
I try to find you, but I don’t know who anyone is

Can’t come home, even if it’s all you want
Can’t come home, even if it’s all you got
Love is spring, no I think there is no such thing
Can’t come home, no one wants you once you’ve gone.

More love for Woodpigeons from their album Songbook

Woodpigeon – If Only I Were a Painter, I’d Paint for You the Moon
Woodpigeon – Death by Ninja (A Love Song)
Woodpigeon – A Hymn for 2 Walks in Different Cities

Go show this lovely collective from Alberta some love here, here and here now.

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