Maybe baby

Photography “Back From Holiday” by roidrage

Have I got a Memorial Day post for you…. close your eyes and, wait, hold on a sec, don’t close your eyes, because then you would be able to read and we’d be stuck until you happen to open your eyes again and that would just mess this up. Let’s try again.

Miracle Fortress is exactly what would come to your head if I told you to imagine to mix equal parts Canuck-indie & Beach Boys. You’d imagine beautiful indie-pop melodies with a healthy dose of summery harmonies, wouldn’t ya? Yeah… me too.

Miracle Fortress mixes just the right amount of all the necessary ingredients… a bit of psychedelia, a bit of lo-fi, nice long mood setting introductions, song diversity but song connectivity, resulting in the perfect soundtrack for whatever today’s activities will have you doing! So what the fuck are you doing inside, man?

Grab, burn, go outside, push play and enjoy!

Miracle Fortress – Maybe Lately

Maybe baby
Maybe I’ve gone crazy
but I think that you love me…

Maybe baby

probably it’s permanent

I love you totally…

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