Let’s go away, again

Photography by Miri Bratu
(Thanks to CU-CU)

Woop! Busy week as we move into our new house. Moved a ton of boxes yesterday and man o’ man am I an achy motherfucker today. I’m exhausted, but it’s so worth it to get it all in there, so I apologize in advance if my post is a smidge incoherent… It’s actually one of the reasons why I love the photo above from Miri Bratu (outside of the fact it’s extremely sexy), there’s a certain dazed quality to it, like she’s really out of it and not even thinking about what she’s doing while just standing there staring off. Reminds me a bit of yesterday, looking around, dazed, at all the boxes, not all the sure what to do next.

Well, with the move and all it may be a slow week here at tsururadio, not sure yet… we’ll see how the week goes. But since I have a moment and a reason, let’s get started, shall we?

Today is my birthday (yikes), and wouldn’t you know it, it also marks the official release day of what is looking to be my album of the year, Handsome Furs gem Plague Park. This album has been on extreme high rotation on tsururadio ever since I got a hold of the leak and posted a few tracks. It’s DIY aesthetic, it’s perfect balance of electronic 16-bit sounding beats and guitars and synths, it’s 3am atmosphere, and it’s incredible vocals have set the bar for this year.

I pre-ordered this from Sub Pop and much to my joy, I rec’d it on Saturday! I’ll tell ya, nothing really beats the sound quality on a brand spanking new album… And not only that, Sub Pop was nice enough to throw in a disc of a few demos and a few stickers (which are now on my guitar). It was such a lovely simple little surprise and given it’s my birthday, I’d figure I’d share 2 of the demos with you!

Who’s a sweetie pie, eh?


Handsome Furs – Dumb Animals (Demo)
Handsome Furs – Snakes On The Ladder (Demo)

Now if you want the rest… I recommend you head on over to Sub Pop and pick this up now. So, what are you waiting for? Go show this lovely Canadian couple some love here, here, and here….

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