It’s just a hummingbird moth who’s acting like a bird that thinks it’s a bee

Photography by Mechanolatry

You know, I always forget how much I love They Might Be Giants! Ever since my young adulthood, when I watched “Ana Ng” on MTV (I think on 120 minutes?), I was hooked. “Particle Man” and “Birdhouse” sealed it. Their quirkiness and knack for quick fun songs filled one of my many musical needs. Much like another favorite oddball duo, Ween, but a bit more accessible, a bit more “anytime-ish”, if ya follow me…

Now, John Henry is probably my favorite TMBG album with “Subliminal” randomly popping in my head every once in a while for no apparent reason, remembering singing until I was blue in the face “I Should Be Allowed To Think”, or laughing while trying to sing along, in key & octave, to “O, Do Not Forsake Me”, but I’m enormously happy to tell ya muh fre-ends, their new album, The Else, is fucking fun!

If you ain’t shaking your booty to “Take Out The Trash”, smiling at the wuh-wuh-wuuuuuuhs from the horns on “Bee The Bird Of The Moth”, reminiscing with the classic TMBG sound of “Climbing The Walls”, or wanting to name your band “The Mesopotamians” when this CD ends… well, muh fre-ends, you might as well click here, and never return to TSURURADIO.


Or, I’m gonna miss ya…

They Might Be Giants – Bee the Bird of the Moth
They Might Be Giants – Climbing the Walls
They Might Be Giants – Contrecoup
They Might Be Giants – Take Out the Trash
They Might Be Giants – The Mesopotamians

Go show the Johns some love here, here, here, and here right now!

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