I know the sound of my heart

Photography by Gillian Leigh

Hi TSURURADIO listeners! The move is going well, it’s exhausting though. Finally got the internets on yesterday, but was too wiped out to even think about posting. The one good thing about moving, with all the driving around, it’s given me lots of time to absorb some new music, and devel0p some new obsessions, like today’s post…

(Nice transistion, eh?)

Slaraffenland isn’t for everyone, it’s stacked with atmosphere, long instrumental bits, coming off like a dark soundtrack to some fucked up movie. It’s peppered with experimentalism and post-rock and maybe a pinch of prog. Sounds messy, but man does this work.

From subtle to jarring, sometimes haunting, often just melodic beauty, this Dutch band’s got something special going on.


Slaraffenland – Polaroids

I know the sound of my heart
I know the color of black
I know the sound of the roar of blood…

Let me out!

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Go show them some love here and here now…

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