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Photography by Snap Shox

Hello TSURURADIO listeners!

I wanted to drop in real quick, take a break from unpacking (sweet fucking jesus, when will these goddamn boxes go away???) and let you know about a couple features we are hard at work on for our loyal listeners…

But, before we start, here’s a song from a UK band I just heard of, Magic Arm (pick up their EP here).

Magic Arm – Outdoor Games

So… sit back, listen, and read this post thoroughly. If you have suggestions, tweaks, or just want to participate, drop me a line at TSURUMAIL, now!

Vinyl Rips

TsuruBride got me something for my birthday I’ve been wanting for a while now, a USB turntable. So what does that mean for you? Full album Vinyl Rips… Once I get it all set up, my goal would is to once a week or every other week (we’ll see) offer a full album I picked up, ripped & recorded, then uploaded for your listening pleasure.

Snap, crackles, pops and all!

2 reasons… One, I want something that forces me to buy records and rebuild my collection that I once had and two, I love the warmth and sounds of vinyl, and want to help save this endangered species (yeah, fuck the dolphins! lol).


Yep. I’m working on TSURURADIO’s very first interview with an up and coming artist. I hope this to be a reoccurring feature as well to support great, but relatively unknown artists. I hope you enjoy it and show our featured artist lots of love!

A slight hint to help you figure out who are first artist is? We posted on him before… and his name rhymes with Leave Moldberg! First person to figure it out wins a prize!


I know I have it off to the left side here, and so far, many music artists have taken advantage of our open invitation, but I want some photographers too, damn it!!!

Are you a starving photographer that thinks your work would fit well on this site? Do you think it will sensually accentuate the music I post? Or hell, do you think you have enough for a full “TSURURADIO Presents…” photographic mixtape?

Send that shit in! Let’s get this going… Send a link or some photos to, with a little info about you and/or your work, along with your website where people can get to know you more.

That’s about it! Thanks for all your support and patronage. I hope you are looking forward to what we are working on… and, of course, we will continue to bring the best new obsessions, er I mean, music and photography to you in our continuous updates…

Good times………….

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