And I know when time will pass by slow

Photography by Claire Obscur

Yeah, yeah, I know they’ve been blogged before, but remember, this is about my obsessions and I just grabbed the Lon Gisland EP, and have been spinning it with Gulag Orkestar quite obsessively. Since my job is to spread the love and I don’t want to hold back from you, so here we go.

So, the re-obsession of Beirut started here when I posted their video & mp3 of “Elephant Gun” (the mp3 is still up if you need it), then when I picked up Lon Gisland, it started to become silly. I found myself throwing my capo on my guitar to the highest fret I could play, just to capture that mandolin like sound from the opening moments of that lovely song.

It got truly ridiculous when, for a project I’m working (covering “Bird On A Wire”), I was attempting to play it Beirut style, I think I put a capo somewhere around the 7th fret and started strumming away trying to mimic the sound. If you are familiar with the slow crawl of “Bird On A Wire” you can imagine how insane it sounded!

So, let’s do one big Beirut post and put this obsession in the books, shall we? Here are some choice cuts from Gulag Orkestar and Lon Gisland… Starting off with one of my favorites.


Beirut – Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)

And I know when time
will pass by slow
without my heart
what can I do
you’re in the halls
the bell gives way to a larger swell
without my heart
what can I do, oh

and we grow fat
on the charms of our idle dreary days
seen the shadows grow
see an ominous display
with no alarm
could we say we’d have expected this way
under stars have died
give incent to play

More love for Beirut…

Beirut – Postcards From Italy
Beirut – Rhineland (Heartland)
Beirut – Scenic World
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Go show them some lovins here, here, and here now!

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