You are a true honeymoon child

Photography by new Nerve photoblogger Chase

If you remotely pay attention to the bloggy blog blogs, you already know who and what Bill Callahan is… If not, go here because I ain’t going into it.

What I will tell you, is his new album, the one where he dropped the “Smog” moniker is floating around on the interwebs and now that I was able to shake that insane Handsome Furs obsession (seriously, “What We Had” still randomly pops in my head, even when I’m blaring something else through my headphones, that’s pretty fucked up) I was able to give this a for realz listenin’ to…

And well, it’s today’s post, so obviously I’m diggin’ this shit. And, if you find yourself bouncing your head or shakin’ your ass to my posts more often than not, you’ll be diggin’ this shit too!


Bill Callahan – Honeymoon Child
Bill Callahan – From The Rivers To The Oceans
Bill Callahan – A Man Needs A Woman Or A Man To Be A Man
Bill Callahan – Sycamore

Go show Bill some love here, here, and here now.

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