Shameful, just shameful

Photography by Jo Grabowski

Picked up The Winterpills The Light Divides on a whim. I heard a song on their myspace and liked the sound, really suited the mode I’ve been in lately. Add in the boy/girl dynamic, the Stars meets Midlake sound, and BAM! I was a guarantee lay.


Anyway, no lyrics to share, but the track that sold it for me, Shameful is here for your lovin’…


Winterpills – Shameful

I tried to write out some of the lyrics, but I couldn’t make ’em out. Anyway, here’s some more Winterpill love:

Winterpills – Lay Your Heartbreak
Winterpills – Handkerchiefs
Winterpills – Broken Arm
Winterpills – July

Go show The Winterpills some love here, here, here (their blog), and here now.

Ah, and here is the video for “A Benediction” from their first album:

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