Looking over the sea

Photography by Unknown

From the opening moments of “Saturday Waits”, to the sound of his high falsetto voice, to the grinding bass reminiscent of Brian Ritchie on Violent Femmes, and finally that sweet chorus that begs to be sung along to Loney, Dear grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.


Loney, Dear – Saturday Waits

you sit in your room,
looking over the sea,

you’ve got friends over here

still you’re there

time after time,

you could always refer to the things,

refer to the things from the past,

shading you.

saturday waits,
you’ll get over it then
sunday never can wait…

More love for Loney, Dear off their beautiful album Loney, Noir:

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Go show them some love here, here and here now. Ah, and while we’re at it, here’s the video for “I Am John”, the lead-off track from the same album…

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