We’re not ourselves lost in summertime

Photography “Thailand” by Smallscreen

Got a wonderful new obsession in the mail the other day, Motorcade by Thailand. Flooding my ears with infectious bass lines and synth, this albums been on repeat for the past day. Good times.

Eventhough it doesn’t represent the album, I chose “Here Comes Repetition” to feature, why?

a) The instrumentation wraps me in nostalgia, it sounds like the kind of song I could only dream of building when I was a kid toying playing with my cousin’s little casio. Seriously, if you don’t smile when the “percussion” fills kick in, you have no soul.

b) It’s the only song where Staci takes the lead vocal, and I’m a complete sucker for indie babes!


Thailand – Here Comes Repetition

If I were electric
if I were a prophet

five more years
we’d blow up and light the skies
ignite the skies

All my weathered systems

dull my intuition

Here comes the repetition
to settle down
settle down dust to ground

I’m inclined to take the comfort
in a basement life

We’re not ourselves
lost in summertime
drowsing in hot apartments

Here comes the repetition
Settle in for the ignition
settle in for the ignition

Sparks a life
Settle in, realize we’re on fire
Settle in, realize we’re on fire

Once I had a vision
sweet electric vision
Burn up these decisions
burn it all and go

Started a fire
Settle in, realize
we’re on fire
Settle in, realize we’re on fire

Here comes repetition
here comes repetition
here comes repetition…

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Go show them some love here and here now.

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