Now I lay me down to sleep

Photography from Protection Island

Well, Bright Eyes new album Kajagoogoo, er I mean, Cassadaga leaked last. I realized when I saw this that I’d never actually listened to Bright Eyes. I have no idea why. Maybe it was the hype turning me off? I don’t know. Regardless, people were enjoying the leak so I figured I check out to see what I was missing, right?

Well, apparently, not too much. The album starts off fine enough with the Pink Floyd-like “Cairaudients” featuring some chick talking about how to get away or something. It was fine, and maybe a little promising.

The next track is light and fun, a bit of a change from track one. Fiddles and bouncy drums. Wheee…

Unfortunately, from there, the album really doesn’t seem to go anywhere. “Make A Plan To Love Me” is fine, but uneventful. Actually, I think the same can be said for the whole album, “fine, but uneventful”.

I guess I can see why I never listened before, there was nothing of interest to cause reason!

Oh well. Maybe next leak.

Here’s a few tracks for you to see for yourself.

Bright Eyes – Clairaudients (Kill Or Be Killed)
Bright Eyes – Four Winds
Bright Eyes – Make A Plan To Love Me
Bright Eyes – I Must Belong Somewhere
Bright Eyes – Middleman

See… What the hell am I missing?

I’m not one to refuse the spreading the love of music, if you dig these guys, go show them some love here and here now.

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