Come back through the park

Photography by Terry Richardson

Did I need the above photo to capture my
latest obsession? Not really, a quick look
at the album cover of today’s obsession would
most definitely suffice.

Just look at this sexy cover…

If you couldn’t already tell for some
god-forsaken reason, Leslie Feist is the
delightful subject of today’s post, why?


Finally, her new album The Reminder
leaked. Such a lovely treat for my Friday
drive into work. And bound to be our
soundtrack for many weekends to come.

We’ve heard a few songs here at TSURURADIO
before, on her brilliant live concert post, not that
the post was brilliant, but that the… oh nevermind.

It was this song on the way in today that caught me.
Her voice nails you right between the eyes.

I know, I know, too much jibber-jabber today. It’s only
to compensate for the lack of lyrics! So, I’ll stop now.


Feist – The Park
(edit – link fixed! sorry!)

Come back through the park…

More Feist love:

Feist – I Feel It All
Feist – Sea Lion Woman
Feist – So Sorry

Go show this amazing woman some
love here, here, and always here, now.

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