TSURURADIO.com is alive! ALIVE!!!

Photography by Joanne Ratkowski

It’s a new day!

Downloaders and fans of T S U R U R A D I O, please note…
tsururadio.com is alive and active.

So, what does that mean to you?

Not much. If you go to the .com, you automatically get
redirected here, so no need to update your bookmarks
or anything.

I like blogspot as a tool, so the tsururadio.blogspot.com
will still work too, until it gives me a reason to dump it.


What this does mean is that the songs will be hosted by
tsururadio.com going forward. Soooo, if you want any
song older than today’s post (which I’m thinking will be
on The Submarines). Get them now. Each day more and
more will fade away…

I’ll get a music post up later that you will enjoy.

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